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Road to Success was Winding for Top Honours Graduate

Last week, Nicholas Manor travelled from his new academic home of Waterloo back to Carleton to pick up his honours Bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

At the same time, he also received the Chancellor’s Medal, awarded annually to a graduating undergraduate student for outstanding academic achievement.

Nearly $50 million awarded to fund research and retrofit at Carleton

Carleton has taken a major step toward its goal of making the campus and country more sustainable thanks to a multimillion-dollar investment from the federal and Ontario governments that will address environmental challenges immediately by reducing the university’s carbon footprint and for generations to come through education and research.

Best-Ever Finish for Carleton Computer Science Students

Three Carleton Computer Science students brought the university to its best-ever finish in the Eastern Central North America regional semi-final for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, which brings elite computer programming teams from universities and colleges around the world to solve difficult problems.

Carleton students take on Shopify internships

These Shopify internships will see students split their time between the Carleton campus and Shopify’s downtown headquarters throughout their four-year Bachelor of Computer Science program. They’ll learn both in the classroom and by doing hands-on work, with Shopify paying a salary and covering their tuition as well.