Faculty of Science

We are a thriving community of scholars, researchers and teachers with a passion for learning and exchanging ideas.

Our mission is to create, disseminate, and apply scientific knowledge. We innovate and excel in teaching and research, so as to advance the goals of the University  and the development of society.


Grad Research: The ATLAS Experiment

Even when incredibly complex subjects like particle physics and the fundamental laws of nature are involved, the best ideas come up over a simple cup of coffee.

Student success starts here

Two and a half years ago, the Science Student Success Centre moved to a new location in the renovated wing of the building, and a series of new programs — such as the biweekly Kick-Start into Science workshops, and the annual Science Lab Tour Week — have helped the SSSC double its intake to roughly 1,600 visits per year.

Carleton Health Sciences: A holistic approach to health care

Last summer, after becoming the chair of Carleton’s Board of Governors on July 1, Chris Carruthers met one-on-one with all of his fellow board members. Through those conversations, and over countless coffee meetings at cafés on campus, something became very clear.

Online safety for kids: Sonia Chiasson wins Early Research Award

While children access the Internet from toddlerhood, security protocols haven’t caught up yet to protect them. Sonia Chiasson, Canada Research Chair in Human Oriented Computer Security and an associate professor from the School of Computer Science, talks to parents who are concerned about online safety for kids.